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Drain Cleaning 

We Keep Your Drains Running Smoothly

Close-up Of Plumber Fitting Sink Pipe In

The following issues may indicate that your drainage system is not working properly:

  • Water is draining very slow from a sink no matter how much you try and clean out the drain

  • Water is backing up into a sink or tub

  • Wastewater wont flush out of the toilet

Why do Drains Clog?

The drains in your home are one of the most used aspects of your plumbing system. Every single fixture in your home flows into some part of the drainage system and out from the house. Without the drainage system you have no way of removing wastes from your home. Therefore, it is so important to properly maintain your drainage system. Drain lines can back up due to invasive tree roots, a heavy build up of paper products, collapsed lines, and even incorrect installation. In most cases the fix is straight forward and simple, however we would like to give fair warning that many “chemical” products, cleaners and un-cloggers can do more harm than good. These products are traditionally marketed toward homeowners and do it yourselfers, however they have been known corrode pipes and cause other issues. We recommend that you always call a plumber first as we can usually solve the problem both quickly and safely.

Some of the most common reasons for a clogged drain, are a build up of hair in the drain which blocks water from passing through, soap scum which can build up multiple layers and cause a blockage which then becomes difficult to break through. The best way to prevent the build up of soap scum is to switch from bar soap to gel soap, and periodically cleaning your fixtures and appliances with non-acidic cleaners.

Count on Prostar Plumbing for your Drain Problems

We know most people want to avoid paying a plumber for what would seem to be a simple fix but we strongly discourage the use of liquid and chemical cleaners. In most cases they are ineffective at breaking down hair, soap scum, or general waste. The liquid un-cloggers that do work at breaking down obstructions can have a negative effect on the plumbing in your home and could end up costing you more money down the road. If you have any drainage system issues, please call Prostar Plumbing today, our friendly team members can schedule a technician who can come out diagnose the cause of your back up and get your plumbing back to 100%.

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