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Piping and Re-Piping

Quality Piping and Re-Piping Services 

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The plumbing in your home can be one of the most expensive systems to work on and can also be the most stressful especially when talking about a re-pipe. If you are considering a re-pipe project call Prostar Plumbing today. One of our lead techs can help walk you through the entire process, from the scope of the project to the estimated time and costs we can break down the entire project and make you feel more comfortable knowing you’ve picked the right team of plumbers to handle your re-pipe.

To better understand if you need a re-pipe the typical life spans of plumbing based on the material type is as follow:

  • Brass                          80-100 years

  • Copper                       70-80 years

  • Galvanized Steel       80-100 years

  • Cast Iron                     80-100 years

  • PVC                              25-100 years

When Should Pipes be Replaced?

If you feel that you’ve gotten to a point where you need to replace the piping in your home or its been recommended by a plumber, we always recommend you get as many opinions you can get. A re-pipe is usually an expensive plumbing service and depending on your situation maybe you can only replace the exposed piping. This means replacing piping in an unfinished basement, a crawlspace, attic, or utility room anything a plumber can easily access. This will help reduce costs and can still make a major difference. When you are renovating a part of the house, it is best to use that time to look into the piping of your home, if you find that it needs to be replaced then what better time to work on it than when you are already in the middle of a renovation project. If the walls are open then a plumber can get a re-pipe done in a much faster time frame and this will significantly reduce the price.

Feel Comfortable Hiring Plumbing Pros

If your pipes are older than the above described lifespans, it does not necessarily mean you need to replace the plumbing in your home. It is important to consider if the plumbing was properly installed and has been regularly maintained. A home that has been properly maintained and has an active water treatment system can increase the life span of the plumbing in your home. One of the number one killers for your homes plumbing is hard water, and unfortunately Las Vegas is notorious for hard water. Regardless of what kind of pipes you have in your home, it is always best to keep an eye on them. If you are constantly dealing with leaks, the water is foul smelling or rust colored, you never have consistent water pressure, or if you have polybutylene or kitec in your home please contact Prostar Plumbing we can help you reach a solution. Replacing polybutylene or kitec can save you thousands of dollars and give you peace of mind for decades to come. We strive to only provide our customers with quality products that have been industry trusted for years, every job that we do is a representation of who we are as a company. We are here to redefine quality and craftsmanship as you have come to know it.

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