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Prostar Plumbers want you to know!
  • What areas do you service? 

Las Vegas

North Las Vegas 



Spring Valley 



  • Do you offer free estimates?


Yes we offer free estimates for all of our services, we can give you an estimate over the phone, via email and even in person if needed. 


  • How do I know if there is a leak in my home?


If you believe there is a leak somewhere in your home that you cannot find we recommend you go to the the front of your house, find the water meter (usually directly in front of the home on a sidewalk), lift the cover and look at the meter, if a dial is spinning and you do not have any faucets or landscape water running you may have a leak somewhere on the property. 


  • How do I extend the life of my water heater?


We recommend for any newer water heaters that you have annual maintenance performed this means a physical inspection and could include a flush of any sediment in the heater. You can also extend the life of a water heater if your home has a water softener as these help eliminate hard water build up which can greatly decrease the life of many plumbing fixtures.  


  • What is considered normal water pressure for a home?

Water pressure usually falls within a range. A homes water pressure can be anywhere between 30-80 psi. Most homes average around 50 psi, however if you feel that your pressure is too high you can always adjust it by either adjusting the pressure reducing valve on your

  • Why is my toilet running after I flushed it?

After each flush the toilet tank needs to refill so you can flush it again later. If you find that the toilet is still running long after you’ve flushed it you may have a bad float or flush valve that isn’t sealing properly. If this is the case it is best to replace all the internal parts within the tank of the toilet, to stop the leak and avoid wasting anymore water. 


  • I have a bad smell coming from my drain, what can I do?

The drains in your home collect wastewater, this means at times they can give an unpleasant smell. However, if the smell persists then you may have a clogged drain or some type of obstruction. When a drain continues to smell bad it usually speaks to a bigger underlying problem, because when your drainage system is working properly you usually don’t get bad smells coming out from it.


  • How do I turn my water off?

The main shut off valve to your home is usually located in the front of the home on the sidewalk and is directly in line with your property. Some homes have other shut off valves located in the garage or in the front yard, however if you don’t know where these are located it is always best to use the shut off at the street and call a plumber to help you with your plumbing needs. While they are there they can notify you of any additional shut off valves.

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