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Water Treatment 

Improve Your Water Quality Only Using the Best 

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Prostar Plumbing's Recommendations

The water in the Las Vegas valley is some of the hardest in the nation, this means that our water has a high mineral level and could also be full of contaminants. If you have noticed a heavy build up of calcium or scale across your plumbing fixtures the issue may be that you have hard water and do not have a water filtration or softening system or your current water filtration system isn’t effectively removing all the heavy minerals in your water. Our team of quality plumbers are dedicated to providing you with affordable water treatment services. Any water treatment system you have installed is an invest that can benefit your health, increase the lifespan of your appliances, and help keep your plumbing system working properly longer.

One of our top recommendations to take control of your hard water is by using a reverse osmosis system. Reverse osmosis works by taking the water that comes in from your main line and passing it through a membrane that doesn’t allow dissolved solids in the water to pass through it. In most cases the system consists of multiple filters or “stages” that the water passes through and the water that has been processed through the system fills into a storage tank which you would get water directly from.  

At Prostar Plumbing we perform maintenance and installation on the following water treatment systems:


  1. Whole Home Filters

  2. Reverse Osmosis Systems

  3. Water Softeners

  4. Salt Free Systems

  5. Repairs, Replacements and Maintenance on Water Treatment Systems

  6. Residential and Commercial Water Treatment 

Some of the benefits of having a water filtration system include:

  • Making an impact to being environmentally friendly, by using less plastic bottles for drinking water

  • Removing heavy metals and chemicals from the water that leave behind nasty deposits

  • Making it easier for your appliances and piping to operate normally

  • Helping reduce build up inside your pipes which leaves you with consistent water pressure

  • Softeners and filters can help your clothes last longer after multiple washes  

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