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Gas Line Repair and Installation

Experts in the Installation and Replacement of Gas Lines 

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At Prostar Plumbing we install new gas lines for any additions you may have for your home, whether you are installing a new BBQ, a fire pit, or new gas appliances our technicians handle it all. Your home uses the main gas line for appliances, furnaces, and outdoor equipment that uses gas to operate. Over time these lines can wear down and need to be replaced or they can even be improperly sized for the application you have. This means replacing the line and sizing it correctly for your needs.

The last thing we want is for you to take any unnecessary risks when it comes to issues with your gas lines. If you suspect a gas leak you should always evacuate your house, call your gas authority or provider so that they can shut the line off for you or walk you through the process. Once you are certain the leak has been stopped call Prostar Plumbing all our technicians are certified in the use and installation of all gas systems.

Committed to Providing Quality Gas Line Services 

We are dedicated to keeping all our customers safe and happy. We take pride in being able to provide essential services for your gas line services. To schedule gas line services, call Prostar Plumbing today.

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