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  • Jared Taylor

How to avoid damaging your drains.

One of the most used parts of any home is the sewer system, we use it every single day either in the kitchen or our bathrooms. Occasionally, we can find ourselves running into issues with the sewers, but the last thing any of us want to see is raw sewage backing up into our homes. For many of us this means, we run to the store and buy some liquid drain cleaner or other chemical designed to unclog a sink. It's just very very important that you understand what you are putting down a drain and what you are trying clear from the drain. Things such as grease and hair can sometimes be cleared out with a chemical unclogger. However, it is very discouraged that you put grease down a drain ever as it can build up over time and lead to a serious clog that is difficult to clear. Additionally, items such as feminine hygiene products and flushable wipes are not recommended as they can create a situation where a minor clog becomes a major one. A situation where this commonly occurs is when tree roots infiltrate a sewage system, what happens is that they still allow a significant amount of waste to pass through but when a wipe or other flushable item comes toward the roots they build up and cause a major clog. The last thing you want to do is put in any chemicals that wouldn't do anything to the roots and in a worst case scenario cause the pipes to burst.

If you really want to avoid damaging your drains the best thing to do is always think about what is going down the drain and taking the time to periodically clean your sinks and drains to prevent any clogs from happening in the first place.


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