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  • Jared Taylor

Clogged Pipes,Causes and Prevention

Clogged pipes or sewer mains can be serious issues for your home. If you find that the clog is isolated to a kitchen sink, lavatory, or toilet then the issue is more than likely

a clogged drain. However if every time you run the sink or flush the toilet the whole home backs up then chances are the main sewer line in clogged.

In most cases a clogged line is usually caused by improper disposal of waste. If you flush tissues, paper towels, and other hygiene products that were not intended to be flushed you can cause major problems in the future. It is also important to make sure you do not flush or pour down grease in any fixtures as it will solidify when it comes in contact with cold water. The hardened grease will create a stubborn clog that may require the attention of professional. Another cause for clogs could be the invasion of tree roots into the sewer line they usually grow directly into the pipe and are costly to repair.

With proper maintenance, by making sure to not flush non-flushable items and keeping all your fixtures clean, most clogs can be avoided. For more stubborn clogs such as toilet clogs, it is always best to start by plunging the toilet. A standard toilet plunger is the best route, if possible we do recommend you avoid force-ball plungers. They are designed to apply more pressure to the drain and evacuate the clog, however in many cases the additional pressure can cause the seal between the toilet and the wax ring to break. This then turns a clog into a leak, which is the last thing we want. Additionally, the use of chemical cleaners is not advised because depending on the type of pipes you have in your home they can do more harm than good, some cleaners are also known to be bad for the environment. Its always best to do your research and if in doubt contact a local plumber to ask about ways to unclog a fixture or line.


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