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Flood Prevention

Flood Prevention

The last thing anyone wants to ever go through is a flood in their home. Damage to your home and your personal belongings is a massive headache and can be very costly. We want to help you do everything possible to avoid a flood, if you notice anything in or around your home that would indicate water is leaking, such as heavily saturated wet spots in the yard or around the home, water damage to cabinets and furniture, or an abnormal water bill, call Prostar Plumbing now! We handle everything from replacing emergency shut off valves, water heater repairs, to re-piping and rerouting water lines.

What to do if you Notice a Water Leak.

If you notice signs of a water leak, the first step is to go to your main water supply box (traditionally located in the front of a home out by the sidewalk) and shut the water off at the main water supply valve. Using your own discretion, you can shut the water off to a fixture at its emergency shut off valve. However when you go to use an emergency shut off valve if you notice corrosion (deterioration or loss of integrity), or find heavy resistance when attempting to use the valve, we recommend that you stop and do NOT use the valve, attempt to go to the main line shut off and call a plumber as soon as possible. An example of an emergency shut off valve that should not be touched is shown below.

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