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Low Water Pressure

Having low water pressure in your home can seem like a big inconvenience and finding out why you have low water pressure can be a little tricky. However, in most cases it’s simple to diagnose and easy to fix. For example, take a bathroom faucet with low water pressure, the faucets aerator (water filter/ screen in the faucet) could be clogged up. This could be due to the age of the faucet, the water quality in the home or a combination of both. In this case it’s best to repair or replace the aerator depending on its condition. If you want to try to repair the aerator yourself some common troubleshooting methods include using compressed air on the aerator to clear any larger debris or minerals clogging it. You can also at your own discretion soak the aerator in a household cleaner that is designed to remove calcium, lime, rust or any other heavy stains. If your home doesn’t already have a water softener or water treatment system then it is highly recommended you consider one to prevent issues like this in the future, not only will it help all water fixtures in the home last longer but it’s also good for the major appliances in the home like the dishwasher and washing machine.

Other causes for low water pressure could be the cartridge within the faucet, as they age, they are prone to not fully opening or closing, to determine this, it’s best to contact a plumber who can replace the cartridges in the faucet.

Finally, low water pressure could be caused by the valve that supplies water to the faucet. If the valve is not fully opened, then water flow is being restricted and you will have low pressure coming from the faucet. To correct this simply turn the valve closed then open it fully and this should restore water pressure back to normal. Ultimately when it comes to low water pressure if you feel that any of the troubleshooting mentioned in this article or any you have done is not proving to correct the issue then it is best to contact a plumber to examine your fixture and determine the issue.

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