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  • Jared Taylor

How to keep your plumbing safe during cold weather.

It's that time of the year when the temperatures drop and the weather can be harsher. I'm sure we've mentioned it in other posts but we can't stress it enough, one of the easiest and best things to do during cold weather is to insulate any exposed pipes. Most hardware stores carry pipe insulation in varying sizes along with a roll of duct tape to keep them tight.

If you have any exposed pipes in the garage another great idea is to make sure your garage door is insulated, it usually doesn't get cold enough in Las Vegas for this to be an issue. However, even in the summer months having an insulated garage door can be very helpful for keeping heat out and in the winter it can help keep heat in.

Try to keep your thermostat at a constant during a cold snap, In some states going below 30 degrees is normal but is not so much the case for us here in Vegas. If you keep the temps in your house at a steady state it will keep your plumbing safe. This is more the case if you are going out of town for a week or so, rather than setting the temp really low to conserve energy leave it a bit higher than you normally would when you leave.

Finally, the last big piece of advice we can give is, try being proactive about repairing any issues you notice with the plumbing. Most of us don't want to call a plumber because of the inconvenience it may cause, so if you notice a drip try to see if you can tighten the fixture or remove any parts for cleaning or descaling. Foer most issues YouTube and the internet can be your best friend.


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