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  • Jared Taylor

How to Save Money using Less Water

We have all heard it on the news, due to droughts for some sources of the Colorado River, Las Vegas has been impacted, the water levels at Lake Mead are at historic lows and the water district is always stressing how we need to be aware of how much water we use daily.

By following a few simple steps you can not only save water but save money too.

-When you're in the kitchen only turn on the water when rinsing dishes, leave one of the basins in the sink full of water so that you can soak and scrub dishes.

-Using new energy and water efficient dishwashers is another great method to conserve water as these new units are designed to use less water while still cleaning your dishes.

-When in the bathroom make an effort to take shorter showers, don't let the sink run while brushing your teeth and try to use the bathtub less frequently.

You will notice over time that if you implement these habits your water bill will be lower and you can use this saved money to do other things you've been wanting to do. Along with implementing water saving techniques inside the home it's important to also implement them outside.

-If applicable changing your irrigation from standard bubblers to a drip system is a significant step in the right direction and will certainly save you money.

- Adding automatic timers and no longer watering by hand will also help a lot.

At the end of the day the best way to save water starts by being aware of how much water you use daily and trying to see where you can cut back or how you can automate water use.

If we all do our part to save water not only will we be saving ourselves money but it will help Las Vegas and its surrounding areas.


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