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  • Jared Taylor

Summer Vacation Check List

When leaving for a trip you have so many things to try and organize before you leave: Planning flights and travel, where you will be staying, and the activities you'll be doing while there. That does not even include all the things you need to button up at your home before you leave. We figured a list that helps cover the general plumbing issues you can avoid could be helpful to look over before you leave.

  1. Inspect all the plumbing fixtures and connections around your home. Sometimes we don't even realize we could have tiny drips until it is too late and damage has been done. Periodically checking and more so right before you leave can save you from a big head ache.

  2. Make sure none of your appliances have any sitting water. Check the washing machine, dishwasher, fridge and water filtration units before you leave. If you don't dry them out the appliance could get ruined or worse lead to damaging cabinets and furniture.

  3. Shut down the main water supply. This is one we often forget because we too often rely on the shut off valves at the fixtures. While you should trust them to shut off water they can fail and if you aren't home you'll have no way of stopping serious damage. Now don't shut off the water at the street especially if you have irrigation otherwise you'll come home to dead plants and landscape. Find the valve that comes after the street shut off these are usually located close to the house in line with the main or near the water heater.

  4. Turn down the water heater. Since you wont be home you may as well turn the temp set on the heater down, this prevents the heater from having to work harder and can overall help increase the life span of the heater.

Now the only other thing I can recommend is to exercise your best judgement, you know your home best. If you are worried about an appliance and what to do it's always best to just call or message contractors you trust. They don't even need to come out to your home sometimes just sound advice on what to do can help you more than you'll realize.

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